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I'm Shae - the loud laughing, color-happy face behind She Is This "SIT". I started my company in 2019 with illustrations and now, in 2022, created the ART BOX to share my handmade wood sculptures. I've always loved abstract shapes and working with wood. In fact, -building furniture is one of my favorite hobbies! For me, it felt natural to bring my obsession with the two into the creation of these one of a kind, 3D forms. 

Never "designed", each sculpture is thought through in the moment and painted once the entire piece is fully constructed. While it would be easier to paint the individual pieces first, I've found that working through the cracks and tight spaces once fully assembled, makes me creating them even more. Each sculpture is signed, dated and never duplicated. 

I'm so glad you found your way here and hope that you see a piece that resonates with you. If you're looking for a more flat composition, make sure you visit for my illustrations!

Head up - There's a lot more color over there! :))

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